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2004 Land Rover Discovery -slow acceleration

I’ve faced with a knotty choice in a salon when my wife forced me to line up some cars, especially crossovers with comfort and power. I was definitely devoted to Land Rover SUVs so opted for Discovery II, Now i gonna explain why.

Discovery II are much larger and roomier. Wheelbase remains the same, but the length has increased by as much as 18 ... more...

comments: 0 views: 10076 date: 30 July 2013

2006 Chevrolet Corvette -soft body metal

Inside pastors attracts dashboard with the company logo. The tachometer is marked by promising to seven thousand RPM, and speedometer - up to two hundred miles per hour. Small dials voltmeter, fuel quantity indicator, oil pressure, water temperature is very well located, and the testimony of a well-read them. Display Driver Information Center is located in ... more...

comments: 0 views: 10711 date: 5 July 2013

Chevrolet Captiva -impressive car

The appearance turned out quite manly. Grille is crowned by a large icon Chevrolet. Originally located foglights give the car knock a certain charm. The rear of the very harmoniously into the overall look: two exhaust pipes, beautiful tail lights - get a very solid way. Inside reigns feeling elaborate functionality. Nothing more, and all that is - to the p... more...

comments: 0 views: 12088 date: 4 July 2013

1998 Buick Electra-lots of useless features

It was my first serious purchase and I really succeeded taking full advantage from this powerful car. Externally Electra is much different from the other wide bottom molding, set on the rear wing. At the front end sported a large chrome molding area with a stylized letter V, which, according to tradition, tag engine with a V-shaped arrangement of cylinders... more...

comments: 0 views: 14466 date: 3 July 2013

1995 Buick Century V-engine, turbo compressor

I got this car long time ago in 1995. This is second version of Century I dreamed to acquire. I am still happy with that car no matter how often I should put it on the service.

In 1997 my Buick Century was redesigned. Now, much more car produced on an updated front-W-platform, and only as a sedan. Body dimensions: length 4943 mm, width 1847 mm... more...

comments: 0 views: 15012 date: 24 June 2013

2011 Infiniti J - I really love sport mode

The front of the crossover framed with “narrowed” optics and slightly bloated front edge of the bonnet, which carries a recognizable brand name that has become the image of the brand Infiniti. The car has impressive dimensions: 4989 mm is long, 1961mm - wide and 1742 mm - height. Wheelbase of the car is equal to 2,901 millimeters. The creators of JX give th... more...

comments: 1 views: 13256 date: 15 June 2013

2007 Hyundai XG - Bad suspension

XG - a new level of car smuggle Hyundai. The implementation of years of experience in a stylish, contemporary design, exclusive materials and fine finishes dynamism. Recent advances in active and passive safety of care for passengers.

Reliability, comfort and roominess harmonize in XG, plus rich equipment, a powerful engine and an attractive pr... more...

comments: 0 views: 13748 date: 3 June 2013

2005 Hummer H3 Rude design

This beast beats all his SUV rivals, in spite of its brute and silly design. I love the power of Hummer and its motion.
Note, that at the heart of the chassis - supporting frame with front and rear multi-link torsion bar suspension, cab and cargo body are integrally formed to increase the rigidity of the structure.

Exterior remained the ... more...

comments: 0 views: 22608 date: 26 May 2013

2007 Bentley Continental GT - Flawless car.

Bentley Continental GT is quite spacious, comfortably sit down in it, each of the four passengers. Every detail of the corresponding classical canons of interior, whether it is rimmed with metal rims appliances or noble wood trim, testifies to the elite car accessories. It is worth noting, and the mixture of elite luxury with a sporty style, which immediate... more...

comments: 0 views: 12874 date: 22 May 2013

2008 Audi Q3 - excellent car

I don’t know really if my opinion will be valuable for you, I just run off this review to share with my experience of driving that excellent car.

Externally, the Audi Q3 is well reminds us of previous models Q7 and Q5. The main difference from them is the size of all three models. Audi Q3 is based on the Volkswagen Tiguan, the recognized leader... more...

comments: 0 views: 16524 date: 7 May 2013

2012 Hyundai Sonata plenty of functionality

I bought this car last year with comfort kit. The comfort Package included:
6 airbags, climate control, Heated seats, Heated mirrors, heated wiper rest area, all windows have electrical lifts, alloy wheels of diameter 16, music controls placed on the steering wheel, IPOD AUX USB outputs.

Now, a couple of words about driving experience: ... more...

comments: 0 views: 14079 date: 6 May 2013

2006 Mazda 6 - cheap service costs

I will be brief in my review and write all the most basic. Got the car in April 2009 with mileage 90,000, of all the shortcomings were only chips on the body and the air conditioning did not work (air tubes are the weak point of many car brand Mazda, since oxidized), but otherwise everything was ideal. Sold in April 2013 to 245 thousand mileage.


comments: 0 views: 3976 date: 2 May 2013

2010 Volvo XC90 - inexpensive repairs

Prior to buying this car I was running around on Volkswagen Passat 1.9 TD. In principle, there was no specific complaints to this car I was happy with it in all respects. However, one day I’ve realized that the low ground clearance and weak dynamics of the barrier after 100km / h have been unbearable flaws for me and so the idea came to my mind to buy somet... more...

comments: 0 views: 3615 date: 28 April 2013

2010 Hyundai Sonata - comfortable seats

I have to admit that there is no ca better that Hyundai I have ever tried. It is unbeatable. All performed at a top level, convenient placement of function buttons and levers is impressive, as well as ride comfort and generally stay in the cabin. The car is very spacious, the rear can accommodate three or even four passengers. Long distance driving does no... more...

comments: 0 views: 3883 date: 28 April 2013

2010 Volvo V50 - cool climate system

The machine is not bad, but like the rest of this mortal coil has several drawbacks. They are not essential, so maybe they just another product of my meticulousness.
Firstly, if the post read Volvo engineers, then I urge you to do heated windscreen in the next models, even electric. And that honestly is a bit annoying every morning to go out and clean... more...

comments: 0 views: 3579 date: 23 April 2013

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