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Review on the car year 2004 Land Rover Discovery -slow acceleration

Review added: 30 July 2013 | Views: 11736 | Comments: 0

Vehicle characteristics:

Transmission: 5 steps

Body: crossover

Review about Land Rover Discovery

I’ve faced with a knotty choice in a salon when my wife forced me to line up some cars, especially crossovers with comfort and power. I was definitely devoted to Land Rover SUVs so opted for Discovery II, Now i gonna explain why.

Discovery II are much larger and roomier. Wheelbase remains the same, but the length has increased by as much as 18 cm With this in salon managed to place two directed along the third-row seats. But the main difference, of course, in the technical part. Fundamentals of off-road ideology Discovery II have remained constant - frame construction and associated suspension with rigid axles front and rear. However, the principle has become another all-wheel drive. As before, it uses a permanent all-wheel drive, but now the center differential was free, and the need to lock replaces the electronic traction control system ETS, which is retarding the slipping wheels. Standard for all versions have four-Discovery ABS with electronic brake-force distribution, and the system (HDS) Hill Descent Control, limiting the speed on steep downhill slopes. Two of the most expensive modification of Discovery II received a pneumatic rear suspension, automatically maintains the level of the body above the road, regardless of the load of pastors and allowing him a little lift in difficult situations on the roads. By the way, and the front and rear axles are suspended by two longitudinal arms. Back to the perception of lateral forces, the mechanism of Watt, while the front is set more familiar Panhard bar. The package versions with air suspension system also includes (ACE) Active Cornering Enhancement, which changes the stiffness of anti-roll bars. Sophisticated electronic-hydraulic system is designed to solve the contradiction between the need to provide greater suspension travel for off-road and the desire to reduce body roll in cornering under normal conditions. Powertrains also changed - petrol V8 has been upgraded, and instead of the old diesel engines began to use a brand new five-cylinder 2.5-liter turbodiesel. Interior design is no less conservative than the exterior of a car pastors. Controls on their usual places. I would recommend that car to those who prefer more power and less fuel control.

Accomplishments Land Rover Discovery

impressive passing ability, good steering wheel

Disadvantages (breakage, repairs) year 2004 Land Rover Discovery

slow acceleration (because of heaviness)

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