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Review on the car year 2006 Mazda 6 - cheap service costs

Review added: 2 May 2013 | Views: 4483 | Comments: 0

Vehicle characteristics:

Engine: 1,8

Transmission: Manual

Body: sedan

Milleage: 245 th. miles

Review about Mazda 6

I will be brief in my review and write all the most basic. Got the car in April 2009 with mileage 90,000, of all the shortcomings were only chips on the body and the air conditioning did not work (air tubes are the weak point of many car brand Mazda, since oxidized), but otherwise everything was ideal. Sold in April 2013 to 245 thousand mileage.

Failures in 4 years (155 thousand mileage)
Burst hose coupling
Replacing the two front wheel bearings. Replaced on the run 130 thousand and never broke.
Conditioner repair, sealing its tube and filling it with gas.
Stuck rear caliper.
Replacing the motor of wipers.
Stopped working heating the driver's seat (not done because it was necessary to buy new seat because the issue was with it)
At the end on an obscure reason, motor rings laid down and oil consumption stood at 1000 ml. on 1,000 km oil, so I changed to semi-synthetics, as a result - consumption dropped to 300-500 grams per 1000 miles mileage.
And now the cons:
Very low ground clearance and long overhangs, every spring I painted front bumper as a consumable.
Very poor dipped beam did not really visible even with quality xenon.
Cools rapidly and poor sound proofing, you can hear all the noise annoying.

Very weak dynamics for 1.8 L engine.
Misting of glasses is difficult to overcome, more likely to change cabin filter helps it helps a little.
Bad sounding of music.
Few minuses, pluses many times more.

Accomplishments Mazda 6

Good handling, cheap service costs, frugal fuel consumption

Disadvantages (breakage, repairs) year 2006 Mazda 6

high oil consumptions, weak dynamics, cools rapidly.

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