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Review on the car year 2006 Chevrolet Corvette -soft body metal

Review added: 5 July 2013 | Views: 11830 | Comments: 0

Vehicle characteristics:

Engine: 325 h.p

Transmission: Automatic

Body: coupe

Review about Chevrolet Corvette

Inside pastors attracts dashboard with the company logo. The tachometer is marked by promising to seven thousand RPM, and speedometer - up to two hundred miles per hour. Small dials voltmeter, fuel quantity indicator, oil pressure, water temperature is very well located, and the testimony of a well-read them. Display Driver Information Center is located in the center console. Chubby steering wheel, leather-covered, adjustable angle. Perforated pedals made of brushed aluminum. Already in the standard Z06 has a keyless entry, climate control, a powerful Bose sound system with CD-player and eight speakers, central locking doors and windows, cruise control. Comfortable seats, upholstered in fine leather with an embroidered brand logo on the headrests, endowed with eight state regulations and provide excellent lateral support. Interior Z06, designed in red and black. New Chevrolet Corvette has a front and a rear area security, side bars in each door, air bags for the driver and front passenger, three-point seat belts, energy-absorbing steering column and front panel. Under the hood is an upgraded V-shaped "eight" power of 400 hp, aggregated with 6-speed manual or a 4-eh-speed automatic transmission. In Detroit, presented the audience with much more car coupé, debut gig took place in Geneva. Corvette Convertible has a new roof, which was developed according to the unfolded form to achieve the lowest coefficient of drag. The result is impressive - only 0.28. Tent itself is made of five-layer material Twillfast, providing improved durability and noise reduction. You can choose from three colors of awning - black, gray and beige. Body was developed taking into account the fact that the handling and comfort of the open and closed versions did not differ. On the technical side of the convertible coupe is no different - the same 400-horsepower V8 (torque - 540 Nm), the same transmission - six-speed manual Tremec G56 or four-stage "automatic» HydraMatic. As an option MagnaRide is available electronically controlled suspension.

Accomplishments Chevrolet Corvette

Good passing ability, powerful engine

Disadvantages (breakage, repairs) year 2006 Chevrolet Corvette

Soft body metal

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