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Review on the car year 1998 Buick ACE Electra-lots of useless features

Review added: 3 July 2013 | Views: 14949 | Comments: 0

Vehicle characteristics:

Engine: 325 h.p

Transmission: 5 steps Manual

Body: sedan

Review about Buick ACE

It was my first serious purchase and I really succeeded taking full advantage from this powerful car. Externally Electra is much different from the other wide bottom molding, set on the rear wing. At the front end sported a large chrome molding area with a stylized letter V, which, according to tradition, tag engine with a V-shaped arrangement of cylinders. Series Electra 225 was supposed to only one, the most powerful power plant capacity of 325 hp An automatic transmission was standard equipment. She had a triple and a torque converter turbine, as well as a device for slowing the descent from the mountains. Still at Electra 225 were ornate wheel covers and tires with wide white sidewalls included in the standard equipment. Interior decoration could be thirteen color combinations. Separate front seats were standard. The main option was a system of automatic adjustment of headlights - special relay switches the headlamps from the far-dazzle, when the meet was another car. It is clear that among the options were listed air suspension, only began to come into vogue, air conditioning and a radio with electric antenna. Body Buick Electra was simple: long, low, with typical delta wings, a diamond-shaped radiator and the front position WAY. Installed aluminum front brake drums, air-cooled, rear set ribbed steel drums diameter of 30 cm was equipped with steering servo. In addition, the car was used in the construction of completely new anti-roll bar.

Accomplishments Buick ACE

fast and reliable car

Disadvantages (breakage, repairs) year 1998 Buick ACE

lots of useless features

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