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Review on the car year 2012 Hyundai Sonata plenty of functionality

Review added: 6 May 2013 | Views: 14923 | Comments: 0

Vehicle characteristics:

Engine: 1,8

Fuel: 11 l./100 miles

Transmission: Automatic

Body: sedan

Review about Hyundai Sonata

I bought this car last year with comfort kit. The comfort Package included:
6 airbags, climate control, Heated seats, Heated mirrors, heated wiper rest area, all windows have electrical lifts, alloy wheels of diameter 16, music controls placed on the steering wheel, IPOD AUX USB outputs.

Now, a couple of words about driving experience:
In the beginning, I couldn’t get used to the car’s size, but as I have great driving experience (worked at car dealerships) quickly get accustomed. Although parking is a problem for me so I want to put parktronic. For the present I open the door and look back to snuggle closer. I like the suspension, on 16 wheels it can ride safely, without fear of breakdowns in the pits.

Compared with Peugeot 308 it is much softer. It is true comparison is not correct, because there were 17 wheels with low profile. Engine is at the stage of running-in, so I cannot say anything about the dynamics right away. But I think there is nothing outstanding.

I go to work on the roundabout in New-York, so I pointed out that arches produce noise at speed. I'm thinking about the vibration and noise-isolation arches and replace original KUMHO tires for something better, but the size will not change. Although the car would have stable ride in a straight line when there are general tires with a low profile. In the Peugeot was quieter. Sound is simply but I only listen to the radio and I have enough. Although surprised that there is no RDS (there is even on Solaris), so it doesn’t indicate the names of radio stations.

When cornering, feels like a heavy machine + affects high profile tire 205/65 16. In general, the machine is not designed for a particularly dynamic driving. It rather has to quiet riding style, especially on the winding road. At Peugeot, it was different. 17 were forged wheels and wide tires, and generally steering Peugeot difficult to compare with most other machines. It is no exaggeration to legend. Consumption on the combined cycle is 11.5 liters. Although the main speed of my drive is 110-140 km / h. If you need to speed up in the city, when you press the accelerator pedal, the torque is felt only at speeds of about 4000/min. A little bit frustrating, but OK for me.

Accomplishments Hyundai Sonata

design, plenty of functionality, good handling

Disadvantages (breakage, repairs) year 2012 Hyundai Sonata

vibration, indifferent sound-proofing, low dynamics

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