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Passenger car Honda Accord . Reviews and test drives of the first-hand on the car market of USA.

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Before buying the infamous Honda sport I mercilessly exploited Volvo XC70 for about 4 years. Hitting just about 120,000 miles, very good result. To achieve such a jubilee at Volvo began widespread frustration at all the nodes, so we decided to get a brand new Honda. My choice was based primarily on the quality of the assembly and the engine - and Honda engi...

comments: 0 views: 1654 date: 17 April 2013

We traveled down to the New Hampshire area for the holidays, and this is where the car really impressed me, here's why:

1) I love the stereo... this is the first time I've been able to listen to my MP3 player in a car without an FM modulator and having to find an unused radio frequency. Plus, the stereo plays MP3 disks, not to menti...

comments: 1 views: 6179 date: 9 August 2010

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