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Review on the car year 2013 Honda Accord sport - Powerful engine

Review added: 17 April 2013 | Views: 1614 | Comments: 0

Vehicle characteristics:

Body: 4 doors sedan,

Milleage: 12 th. miles

Review about Honda Accord

Before buying the infamous Honda sport I mercilessly exploited Volvo XC70 for about 4 years. Hitting just about 120,000 miles, very good result. To achieve such a jubilee at Volvo began widespread frustration at all the nodes, so we decided to get a brand new Honda. My choice was based primarily on the quality of the assembly and the engine - and Honda engineers are known as a guru in this field. They manufactrue the best and most durable engines in the world.

So I came to the salon - pointed to the Accord of gray color. He was plied the U.S. and the odometer showed 12,000 miles. Car looked quite cheerful, I climbed all that was possible and found no clues to the claim by careless use. Sports equipment offers 18-inch wheels, leather steering wheel, stiffer suspension, one more exhaust pipe, +4 hp to power. The abundance of electronics deliberately refused, as in the car I most appreciate the quality of navigation and traction components and assemblies. And I spit on prestige. In general, didn’t hesitate to buy a car, the dealer took off in 1500 with joy and greenery in general I paid 22 000. Got behind the wheel and decided to have a test-drive immediately. According to official figures Honda Accord gains hundred in 6.5 seconds - about took me, could be a couple more seconds. Unforgettable sensation.

The interior is very much space. Behind fits three people. Finish is good enough, the skin is certainly not the highest grade, the nose looks like a good mind and leather. Sound speakers is not pleased, will definitely change for Sony. Small trunk, but is enough for my family. If express my humble opinion - the mark of Honda, though not well-known, but will be a reliable companion in your life.

Accomplishments Honda Accord

Powerful and reliable engine, high-quality finish

Disadvantages (breakage, repairs) year 2013 Honda Accord


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