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Interior feels very cheap. Hard plastics, rattling seats in the back, rattle coming from moonroof cover.
Stereo sounds awful, I thought it was miswired.
Engine very loud when cold.
Car floats and has too much body roll at higher speeds.
Bad transmission, often searches for the right gear and is slow to shift.
It's j...

comments: 0 views: 4478 date: 9 August 2010

The Jeep rides nice, and overall it has nice features, power seats etc, it's roomy, has plenty of power... nice stereo system, it's quiet.

However, forking over 98 dollars every few months to replace the TPMS valve stems is old to me, and to add to the problem they leak air where bolted through the rim, so I constantly get the low t...

comments: 0 views: 5154 date: 3 August 2010

I have been in the automobile business for 10 years prior to my present job and needed a car I could rely on to carry miss speedy and the children 125 miles a day. She had sent three domestics to their graves in one year, so I chose a known good bet....

comments: 0 views: 4820 date: 2 August 2010

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