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Review on the car year 2008 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Review added: 3 August 2010 | Views: 5377 | Comments: 0

Vehicle characteristics:

Engine: 5,6Gasoline, 324 h.p

Transmission: 5 steps Automatic

Body: 4 doors jeep,

Milleage: 21 th. miles

Review about Jeep Grand Cherokee

The Jeep rides nice, and overall it has nice features, power seats etc, it's roomy, has plenty of power... nice stereo system, it's quiet.

However, forking over 98 dollars every few months to replace the TPMS valve stems is old to me, and to add to the problem they leak air where bolted through the rim, so I constantly get the low tire pressure warning light.. and have to put air in the tires, increasing the chance to break them.

Accomplishments Jeep Grand Cherokee

I currently have this car as a rental because my 2004 Toyota Prado 2003 is being fixed from an accident.

Disadvantages (breakage, repairs) year 2008 Jeep Grand Cherokee

I have replaced the TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System) Valve stems 6 times.. they are brittle at the threads and break when inflating the tire. Most recently the stem broke while my wife was removing the plastic cap. Cheapest price I have got to replace is 98 dollars.

Checking Jeep forums, this tends to be a problem dating all the way back to 2005 model Cherokees, and also on the Commanders.

At 39,000 miles, I noticed fluid under the vehicle. Upon inspection, the bolts on the transmission pan had loosened, pretty easy fix with a torque wrench, however afterwards I attempted to check the transmission fluid to see how much was lost... only to find a cap on the dipstick tube that read "dealer use only". There isn't a dipstick, so I took the Jeep to the dealer, and forked over 35 dollars for them to check and fill the transmission fluid.

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