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Review on the car year 2008 BMW X6 E71

Review added: 21 April 2013 | Views: 2240 | Comments: 0

Vehicle characteristics:

Engine: 3,0

Fuel: 18 l./100 miles

Body: 4 doors crossover,

Milleage: 42 th. miles

Review about BMW X6 E71

Only I saw this car and unprecedented love crept into my heart to it. Couldn’t pay attention to the other cars and was planning to buy only it. Previous 4 years I have been travelling around on the Lexus IS, but pretty fed up with it. Decided to change the picture in the garage. So in 2012 taking my courage and money started to search at the European sites for used BMW X6.
Search was not long, on the portal Mobile.de I found an excellent copy of X6 with engine of 3 liters, 2008 year, good tires (haven’t been tested on any off-road, no potholes), sports suspension, a delightful red interior. However, it was frustrating to discover the lack of hatch projection closers. Wavering was not so long. After 3 weeks, I had custom clearing on my new BMW X6 in Roswell.
The car was no so long in my hands, dashed about 15 thousand miles in six months.
During my careful driving I’ve revealed the following disadvantages / faults:
Heavy force on the steering wheel, especially when you go on a slow speed. Small clearance, sports suspension and the Russian roads - killing combination. The potholes and I sometimes flew up from the seat, when the on outskirts of the city I was driving, tightly gripping the steering wheel. Wasteful consumption of petrol - 18-25 for 100 km. You often come at a filling station. Headlight washer cover froze and I had to pull out, right from the root. The rest of my X6 is good news. Never received such a pleasure to drive as this crossover. Switching speed that is far superior to the joystick for ease of petals. Accelerated as a missile. And the brakes smoothly at a minimum distance, which is not just to save me from the inevitable crash. In general, the car is almost ideal.

Accomplishments BMW X6 E71

powerful engine, amazing acceleration and drive

Disadvantages (breakage, repairs) year 2008 BMW X6 E71

Heavy force on the steering wheel at low speed, fuel consumption

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