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Review on the car year 2013 Volkswagen Golf 7 - roomy trunk

Review added: 16 April 2013 | Views: 1915 | Comments: 0

Vehicle characteristics:

Engine: 2.0

Body: 5 doors hatchback,

Milleage: 4 th. miles

Review about Volkswagen Golf 7

I am running off this review for those who set about to buy a new Volkswagen Golf 7. Recently, I have been a test drive so pointed out pros and cons, which I think will make up quite adequate objective opinion about this car. So, the first thing that hinted at progress in the minds of developers - better opening car doors. Travel became lighter (compared to previous models), lost a clear fixation of travel stop. Do not like the lack of fixing the average position of the door, there is only or fully unbuttoned or slightly ajar. In areas of limited space and the need to have access to the cabin, the door will have to hold a hand or foot, which is a bit lacking. Slam like softer, but not so clearly. Sometimes it does not get caught.

What can I say about the cabin? Immediately struck by the upgraded panel, beautifully done, but from my wet hands, it will quickly become stained. Surface gloss (sorry that is not matte), in contact with the sun will produce glare. It is also interesting that the CD-drive and a slot for flash ... shoved in the glove compartment! And you can call it ergonomic? A bit strange.

Come on. Why then change the position of the gas pedal, making out in the floor grid. Not very comfortable during long rides - leg numb and driving pleasure drops. Perhaps the developers have taken into account the wishes of the female, which floor the pedal in heels or stilettos, create huge discomfort. Okay, excuse accepted.

Next on the trunk and suspension. The trunk has 30 liters more - improvement, which, I think, will remain undetected. Putting things now will not thin plywood break in, but on a solid centimeter thick. Not being lazy to look underneath the Golf, I found in the suspension arms not forged but stamped. Sad experience has shown that stamped levers deform heavily under the load but the Germans must have tried to make them stronger, but to lose weight. Well, quite positive argument.

Accomplishments Volkswagen Golf 7

- roomy trunk
- soft suspension
- responsive steering

Disadvantages (breakage, repairs) year 2013 Volkswagen Golf 7


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