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Review on the car year 2011 Nissan Sylphy Spacious Trunk

Review added: 10 April 2013 | Views: 6430 | Comments: 0

Vehicle characteristics:

Transmission: 5 steps Automatic

Review about Nissan Sylphy

I’ve recently bought this car and have to say that I didn’t found anything to cavil at. Old versions of Nissan Sylphy left me indifferent but present model completely draw my attention to it. At the time of the previous generation Sylphy demands placed on the practicality of the car. Best satisfaction for me lies in small in size but large in and easy to use. Preference was given to more and more in favor of minivans, and in such a competitive producers sedans accounted for all possible ways to position your car as a family car. In addition, at this time women become actively involved in the selection and purchase of Nissan automobiles, so to impress the softer sex was also essential.
The new model Sylphy, which made its debut in a much more favorable conditions, has a 15 mm lower and 65 mm wider. Its design has matured and become more relaxed, without unnecessary frills. Model purchased LED marker lights and other innovations, got rid of the shortcomings and moved to a higher level. I was impressed with a carefully thought-out design and work through the back of the car managed to achieve excellent drag coefficient of 0.29. Because the trunk is at a low enough level to load and unload stuff is not difficult. Trunk space is enough - here easily fits four 9-inch golf bags. Chassis provides a smooth and comfortable ride. Soundproofing of the cabin is an outstanding pros! The model received shocks of the same size as in the Nissan Teana, which increased its rate by 20%. Along with the strengthening of the housing developers have revised the location of noise and soundproofing materials, resulting in movement in the cabin is not penetrate other sounds. I would recommend this car to buy as it worth of the big bucks.

Accomplishments Nissan Sylphy

Spacious Trunk
Good Soundproofing
Quality finish materials

Disadvantages (breakage, repairs) year 2011 Nissan Sylphy


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