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Review on the car year 2007 Suzuki Grand Vitara Only for a quiet drive

Review added: 9 April 2013 | Views: 1599 | Comments: 0

Vehicle characteristics:

Engine: 2.0140 h.p

Transmission: 4 steps Automatic

Body: 5 doors crossover,

Milleage: 68 th. miles

Review about Suzuki Grand Vitara

The car "Suzuki Grand Vitara" with 2 liter engine and automatic transmission in its simplest configuration was bought by my father in law in July 2010 to replace Chevrolet Niva, which began to actively invest in disrepair. In August my father-in-law went to a better world and until the process of joining the legacy the car was at my disposal. Mileage at that time was 24,500.
Interior is pretty simple, no frills. Ergonomics is generally good, but annoying unlocking lever tank on the floor next to the driver's left foot. Especially “nice” to use it in the slush, when it is covered with dirt from the soles of the shoe. Is it really hard to place it on the dashboard? Otherwise, all is good, the driver's seat is quite comfortable in the long road without getting tired. Three rear passengers will be cramped, so that the car is likely quadruple.
The combination of 2-liter engine with 140 hp and 4-speed automatic transmission does not promise a particular drive. Lots of cars with the engine may seem obtuse. Pressing the «Power», which should provide a more dynamic acceleration, does not put on speed, but makes driving more antsy. In short, it is a car for a quiet drive. I do this fairly quickly and became accustomed to ride accordingly. Overtaking on the track is carried out without much difficulty, for this power is enough.
The car has permanent four-wheel drive, which is a very good feeling when riding on slippery and snow. But the brakes I personally did not like, the first time, braking on loose snow, nearly drove into the side of a car parked in the transverse direction of traffic jams. I press on the pedal, and the "Grand Vitara" like a skater glides forward, didn’t want to stop! I understand that the increase in braking distance on slippery or uneven surface is the norm for these cars, but in the same "Nissan TEANA" system operates much more efficiently. Again, I quickly became accustomed to slow to match the capabilities of the system.

Accomplishments Suzuki Grand Vitara

Good ergonomics
High passing-ability
Powerful engine

Disadvantages (breakage, repairs) year 2007 Suzuki Grand Vitara

Only for a quiet drive not for racing
Lack of design peculiarities

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