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2013 Volkswagen Golf 7 - roomy trunk

I am running off this review for those who set about to buy a new Volkswagen Golf 7. Recently, I have been a test drive so pointed out pros and cons, which I think will make up quite adequate objective opinion about this car. So, the first thing that hinted at progress in the minds of developers - better opening car doors. Travel became lig... more...

comments: 0 views: 1784 date: 16 April 2013

2008 Volkswagen Touareg Moderate fuel consumption

I purchased this car from official dealer in Houston and still happy with that vehicle. Can’t say and disappointing about this car because it is just flawless. Here I run some of experience maybe somebody will find it useful.

Instead of the former petrol V8 Volkswagen installed a new ultramodern, hybrid V6. 333 horsepower impressed me with ac... more...

comments: 0 views: 5420 date: 7 April 2013

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